The home for assisted living is finally ready to occupy. We look forward to a happy home stay for those who pass some time there. When we look at the building and surroundings of VISHWAS Assisted living home we are confident that it will not be difficult to find occupants for the buildings which have come up.

We owe the successful completion of this project to Mr Francis Coutinho who at the brink of our difficulty stepped in to help us. We understand that the project took some time for completion, but Mr Francis Coutinho's timely help saved the day.

The Fermai Project has met our expectation to the extent we desired it. And we are very happy to be able to offer to the Mangaluru Public and to others the facilities of a home for elderly in beautiful natural surroundings. While we Thank God for giving us friend like Mr Francis Coutinho, we look forward to a time when the Mangaluru public and others will make full use of Vishwas Assisted living home. Welcome to all and God Bless You. Thank you.

Dr Olinda Pereira