In Memory of -Veronica Coutinho

Veroncia Cutinho is the paternal grandmother of Vishwas ALH Managing Trustee Mr. Francis Cutinho.  She hails from an agricultural family from Bajpe. After her marriage to Francis Cutinho  she came to Fermai, which was a jungle then. There were only few houses and tiger and other wild animals were roaming around the houses. She almost transformed the place with her hard work along her husband.  The couple had 5 children and Eugine Cutinho, father of managing trustee of Vishwas ALH Mr. Francis Cutinho, named after his grandfather being the last one.

Veronica Cutinho died on 14 March 1994 at the age of 83 years leaving behind a legacy of hard work and compassion. Vishwas ALH Managing Trustee Mr. Francis Cutinho being the eldest son of Eugine Cutinho is greatly influenced by Veronica Cutinho. He credits his success to the hard work of his grandmother Veronica Cutinho.